Getting The Most From Your Visit To Kuala Lumpur

The major building blocks of all popular tourist destinations are a rich cultural heritage, unique attraction sites, diverse population and fine cuisines. Kuala Lumpur meets all of these criteria, and with more than eight million tourists arriving in the city, this great feat is confirmed. There is so much to experience and learn in this paradise for tourists. Once you know the locations of the major tourist attraction sites, it will make your visit to this fascinating KL city completely delightful.

The History Of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the more interesting cities in all of Southeast Asia. It has a rich history that very few cities can rival. However, the recent history of this city was due to the mining industry being established here. It has played a major role in influencing this city’s character and its people’s culture. At the beginning of the 19th century, Chinese engineers and miners migrated to the city with the goal of exploiting and utilizing the region’s vast tin deposits.

Alongside the native Malays, over time the city of Kuala Lumpur developed a multicultural outlook. To add to the multiculturalism pot, the British Empire exerted its influence during the colonial era over Kuala Lumpur’s people and culture. The diversity of the city’s culture was further enhanced by the Japanese occupation following World War II.

A Basic Guide For First-Time Visitors To Kuala Lumpur

If you are new to the city of Kuala Lumpur you can check out MyTravelLane, it will make your visit that much more exciting since you won’t run out of sites to visit and explore. There are many interesting attraction sites for all new tourists to experience. The following is a small sampling.

Architectural Sites Of Interest

The result of the modernization process that has taken place in Kuala Lumpur has been the formation of a unique city. It features both traditional and modern architectural structures. Ancient structures and modern skyscrapers, along with colonial houses, provide the city with its architectural diversity. Be sure to visit Petronas Twin Towers while you are in Kuala Lumpur. They are the tallest twin towers in the world. The Sky Bridge provides a great view. Although you do have to pay money for access, many tourists consider it worthwhile do to the spectacular view.

Kuala Lumpur Tower is another great place to visit. This communication tower is four hundred meters and features a revolving restaurant. The panoramic view that it offers of the city is unparalleled.

Historic Sites

Kuala Lumpur’s history and development is epitomized by Central Merdeka. Merdeka Square features a variety of buildings and provides tourists with the ideal opportunity to gain a better understanding of the different stages that the city has undergone to reach its present state. Moorish and Moghul style buildings, as well as the British colonial building, provide the city’s historic view, while the city’s modern developments are showcased by the modern buildings. Put simply, when you are in Merdeka Square, you are witnessing two hundred years worth of history.

Cultural Site

The National Monument is the best place to visit to gain a good feeling of the city’s culture. The huge bronze statute commemorates those who fought during World War Two for their country, in addition to the following years of civil unrest and chaos.

Visiting a combination of old and new places will provide any photo loving tourist with hours of enjoyment.

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